This article will go over the installation of a SurFit table base and leg into a vinyl floor, as well as securing our custom table top.



It is important to decide how large you want your table top to be. I had to decide if I wanted a table as wide as my walkway so that I could put it on the rails for the bed conversion, or a bit wider to accommodate more working area. I started with a wider version, but have since cut it down to fit the width of the walk way.

I should note that I received inspiration from Lisa @ Vacay Vans to use two of the Leg and Base system since I didn’t want to use the recessed version in my floor, but if you have a taller subfloor, I would recommend this for better stability.

Build Steps:

1. Use a tape measure to find the center of the area that you want your table to be positioned at.

2. Once the base is positioned properly, use your drill to sink the screws through the base and into the floor.

3. Cut the table top to the desired size and then find the center. We are using our 1/8″ paneling as a a spacer piece between the tabletop and the base unit.

4. Verify and make center on the board with the base system in place so you can secure it with screws.

5. Insert the pole into the base system and you’re ready to put your tabletop on.

Final Product: