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If you’ve decided to build your camper van, the first question you’ll have to answer is, “which van should I purchase?” You might be wondering:

  • Is the van too small?
  • What kind of MPG does the 118WB get?
  • How does it compare with other similar vehicles?

Today we’ll look at the smallest full size cargo van that Ram offers, the 118-inch wheelbase Ram Promaster. The Ram Promaster 118WB comes in one trim, the 1500 low roof, has a 3.6-Liter V6 gas engine, and is FWD.

How small is the Ram Promaster 118WB?

The Promaster 118WB is a fun sized van. Bumper to bumper, the van is 195”, which is about the same length as a standard SUV. However, the cargo area is large enough to be used to build out a weekender van, or if you plan your build just right, it can be used for full time van life.

The Dodge Journey is 192” and the Ford Explorer’s are around 198”, so the 118WB Promaster will feel extremely easy to drive if you are used to a similarly sized SUV. The width of the cargo van makes it seem larger, but it does not affect driveability.

The 118WB feels and drives like a SUV, fits in a normal parking spot, and has a tight turning radius because of the FWD. The backup camera makes life easy if you end up without rear windows.

The 118WB model only comes with the low roof. The overall height of the low roof is about 88.7 inches, just over 7 feet.

What are the interior dimensions of the Ram Promaster 118WB?

So how much room do I actually have to work with? The Ram site lists some basic dimensions.

I’ve laid out more detail specs below to help with your planning.

Rear door to front 105″
Rear door (minus gap) to front 101″
Rear corner to wheel well xx
Wheel well to front xx
Wheel well to side door xx
Door size 51.5″
Between wheel well 55.8″
Between side panels 74″
Floor to ceiling 64″
Floor to middle cross beam 36″
Floor to top of wheel well 17″

What is the Ram Promaster 118WB gas mileage?

Based on an average of both city and highway driving, we’ve been seeing about 18-20 MPG for the Ram Promaster 118WB. This seems to match up with what others have posted in forums.

Will the 118WB work for me?

The 118WB is an interesting model. It’s big enough to accommodate a lot of the typical van life necessities, but the low roof makes most people shy away if the goal is full time van life. This van is super stealthy and really easy to drive, which makes it appealing for people in larger cities who deal with a lot of traffic/congestion. One thing to keep in mind is that a pop-top could be added to this model to give you some extra space to work with.

You can pick up 118WB Promasters for about $25,000 – $28,000 brand new, depending on your location and incentives. The average used vehicle price seems to be about $22,000. However, the 118WB is the unicorn of Promasters, and they are hard to find in a lot of areas.


  • Extremely Stealthy
  • Easy to drive
  • Interior has almost 90 degree angled walls
  • Cargo area width allows for sideways bed setup


  • Hard to find
  • Almost as expensive as the next size up
  • Can have issues with driver visibility because the seats don’t lower

We hope this helps get you one step closer to your camper van. Still deciding which model to purchase? Check out the rest of our articles on other commonly used camper van models.