We’re just 3 boys who want to share what we’ve learned while building out our vans and give you tips to prepare for living van life. We didn’t have fancy tools or a shop to do things ideally, but we’ve done our best to build out and document everything as we went along.

There are several resources out there from the pioneers of #vanlife, but one thing we quickly learned is that everyone does it just a bit differently. We’re here to share those differences with you.

We hope you find something useful in our experiences and we’re thankful for all those who have given us tips or tricks along the way as well. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or comments.

Adam Woloszyn

Van: Promaster 159 WB
Occupation: Fullstack Web Developer
Bio: My job requires me to spend most of my time in front of a monitor (or 3) to work efficiently as a web developer and business owner. This keeps me indoors most of the day.  My passions are being outside hiking and climbing, or really anything I can do to get away from the computer. Combine that with a need for a new vehicle and the idea of converting a van comes to mind. I was determined to find the best vehicle for overnight/camping/climbing trips. The more I researched, I was inspired by what I found through other’s experiences and decided I could live in a van as well. So far so good!

Jason Clark

Van: Currenly Vanless!
Occupation: Director of Software Engineering
Bio: I spend as much time as I can outdoors, mostly in the ocean – surfing. I also enjoy camping, hiking mountains, and rock climbing. My goal is to build out a van as a weekender next year. I’ve spent a lot of long nights researching the best ways to do build outs. I have experience in woodworking/finishing work, plumbing, and electrical work.

Ben Hawes

Van: Promaster 159 WB Diesel
Occupation: Laboratory Operations
Bio: Growing up on a century farm in Northeast Ohio really gave me the skills I needed to complete a project like this having a solid base in design, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, mechanical and welding work. My calling has always been the outdoors and living a simple, low impact lifestyle to enjoy activities like ultra running, rock climbing, backpacking, and cycling. I got the travel bug a few years ago and have been moving to new locations every year or so making a home base in the van was the perfect idea to save money and allow for maximum mobility while still having everything I need for an adventure on me.